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Gay Lussac

Why Hotel Gay Lussac?


Our hotel shares its name with the street on which it is situated, so-called in honour of a famous French chemist and physicist.

Lovers of history and science may already be familiar with the name of Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac (1778 to 1850). After studying at the internationally renowned École Polytechnique near Paris, an institute of higher education specialising in science and engineering and nicknamed the "X", Gay-Lussac became a professor of chemistry there.


The achievements of this noted scientist were many, but he is perhaps best known today for two laws relating to gases, and the volumetric measurement of alcoholic beverages which bears his name.


Gay-Lussac also co-discovered boron (a trace element), and was the first to synthesise cyanogen or hydrocyanic acid (a toxic acid used in pesticides).